Introducing Agile Growth Marketing

A fresh approach to marketing that adapts to your customer’s needs and taps into your customer’s psychological motivators. Built upon the top growth teams in the world, Agile Growth Marketing is where we help you with the development and execution of your entire digital strategy.

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Our Growth Methodology

A fresh approach to marketing that adapts to your customer’s needs and taps into your customer’s psychological motivators. Built upon the top growth teams in the world, Agile Growth Marketing is where we help you with the development and execution of your entire digital strategy.

Here’s the process we use to generate ROI for our clients:

  • 1. Some tea (or coffee)

    We’ll get to know you over the phone, or through a pot of tea or coffee, to get a sense of where you are where you want to go, and if we’re the right match for your agency hunt. Only soft selling, here. We promise.

  • 2. Our growth marketing analysis

    If we believe we can assist in your growth journey, we’ll put together our Growth Marketing Strategy, custom for your company. We’d then create an execution plan that is designed to maximise all opportunities that are available to you – all over a pot of tea, of course.

  • 3. Growth chat

    We aim to get as many fast wins as possible, whilst creating & maintaining deliberate, long-term marketing goals.

  • 4. Full rollout

    We then brew another pot of tea, usually decaffeinated by this time, and sit down to focus on decisive, tactical implementation of your growth strategy. This would free you up to work on more important and high impact areas of your business.

  • 5. Pivot and adjust

    Our Growth Team consistently monitors your progress on a daily basis, tracks all lessons learnt and makes recommended adjustments as needed. Poor Ken, he’s consumed 5 pots of tea by now.

Why Arlena?

Let’s face it: there’s thousands of marketing agencies out there. Alongside our Agile Marketing method and our Growth Teams, we’ll set you up for long-term success.

Multiple marketing specialists
We use the Growth Team model: 7 specialists are devoted to your growth. You deal with one Client Success Manager, but have immediate access to 7 specialists.
Consistent optimising
With the constant change in digital marketing, our Growth Team ensures your campaigns are constantly being optimised and adapted for future change.
Cross-platform campaigns
We’ll market your company across whatever platform and strategy we believe will provide you with the highest value and ROI. No more limiting your campaigns.
Customer-first marketing
Your customers want to know what’s in it for them. We understand this subconscious buying behaviour and tailor all campaigns to fit your customer’s needs.
A Strategic Approach

A Strategic Approach

Grow Your Revenue with Trackable Results

Our custom software has thousands of results based strategies that are constantly refined by human expertise and algorithms. Don’t focus on digital platforms, we focus on trackable results.

A Strategic Approach
Driven By Results

Driven by Results

Results Matter. Traffic Doesn’t

Run your marketing off bi-weekly cycles, designed using growth processes adopted from Uber and Facebook. Invest in growth, not clicks

Your Dedicated Team

Your Dedicated Team

Your Very Own Team of Specialists

Have your own dedicated team of growth specialist, who are experts in PPC, SEO, content marketing, conversion rate optimisation, UX and e-commerce.

Your Dedicated Team

Digital Marketing is Constantly Evolving

Without a doubt, the top 3 growth strategies that suit most companies:

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Our Clients

We serve clients in over 5 continents, and delivers marketing results that blow them away.

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Nicole Avery Planning With Kids

“I have worked with Josh and his team for a period of six months and on two very successful online course launches. Both launches exceeded my expectations. This was my first online course and I had very limited knowledge of the steps I needed to take to help make the launch a success.

Before even commencing work, Josh clearly outlined the process we would take and the reasons for each step. His expertise with this and Facebook advertising certainly increased the professionalism of the launch and increased sales. Josh was diligent in real time monitoring of the campaigns to ensure they were achieving the desired results and would make changes as necessary to ensure we maximised the ad spend budget.

Josh and the team are always contactable through out the launches and their response time to any emails or calls is excellent. The way Josh approached working on the launch, was not of someone simply ticking of a list of actions to do, but he genuinely cared about the success of the course and delivering excellent results.”

Kat Loterzo
“I’ve been blown away working with the Arlena team! I initially came to them for marketing support but they quickly became a source of advice and support on my funnel and back-end work as well as FB advertising. Unlike me they LOVE details and split-testing and the like and their attention to detail means that things get done, done well, and done until they’re working. I couldn’t recommend Josh and the team more!”
Alexx Stuart Low Tox Life
“They just get in there and does what needs doing. They’re the team who wants to geek out on all the testing, knows all the tricks to help you reach the people who are simply trying to find your products and services too, and deliver the best ROI possible. You can feel their genuine excitement for getting great results for you. Nothing feels a chore. I love my job and my business and I only work with people who love what they can bring to it and love what they do too in the process.”